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Welcome to ORTRAT

ORTRAT is a Spanish company pioneer at introducing new technologies.

ORTRAT has gathered a broad expertise, since its foundation in 1955, in the control and regulation fields with different scopes (semi-automatic refuelling system for two nuclear plants in Belgium, complex automation of hydraulic power plants, remote control of substations, full control management in train and road tunnels with ventilation and security systems, etc.)


Campaign: Detection of explosive gases in large kitchens

From next October 1 will begin the campaign "EXPLOSIVES DETECTION GASES IN LARGE KITCHEN" coinciding with the end of summer period ORTRAT launches, mainly Hospitality, the campaign is national...

Solar photovoltaics plants

A part of the energy losses caused by large photovoltaic plants could be avoided with a monitoring them for a conventional control system and supervision. But if you really want to minimize such...

Series of forums on energy efficiency

On the occasion of the European Sustainable Energy Week 2012, which aims to expose the opportunities of energy efficiency to the business, Avaesen the Valencian association organizes a series of...

Consolidation in Italy

Recently and in line with the internationalization strategy of ORTRAT, it was ratified and broad representation agreement, collaboration and services ORTRAT in Italy with the Italian commercial...

Seminar: Advanced security management in large installations

The March 22 ORTRAT expose the theme "intelligent monitoring systems" within the scope of the security systems. You can get more information and make your registration through the following...

ORTRAT first implementation of a photovoltaic plant in Thailand

In this phase of expansion, we have managed to bring our solar system to Thailand SCENE. This latest generation SCADA implements new technologies and experience in recent years, highlighting its...

ORTRAT equipped Takavar Tunnel in Iran

In line with the internationalization, base and central point defined by ORTRAT for advancement and business expansion, we achieved the award of the tunnel Takavar equipment in Iran. The scope...

Increased internationalization among the main measures taken by the Directorate of ORTRAT

In a competitive market like the one we are in, and taking into account the context of the current economic situation, to implement solutions for better business development need to go through...

Publication in Five Days – Economics and Business – Renewable Energy

"Monitoring of photovoltaic systems allows us to detect anomalies and act quickly" Five days - Renewable Energy
Early earthquake detector
NEW Early warning system for earthquakes. Read More
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Harmful and explosive gas detection - ExTox Line
NEW stationary gas detectors in explosive environments. Read More

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