A part of the energy losses caused by large photovoltaic plants could be avoided with a monitoring them for a conventional control system and supervision. But if you really want to minimize such losses purely technical (brownouts, deterioration of panels and inverters etc.) and weather (cloudy days or over-indirect radiation, stormy days, days of high wind speed etc. .) that otherwise are impossible to avoid, what we really need is a system that we constantly monitor all elements of the production unit, detect, report and ensure their correction in real time, ultimately what we need it is the Scada ORTRAT.

A common error is not immediately reset the string that make up the plant, get an idea, it was found that 9 MW plant whose broken strings are not detected and repaired in time for the period of one year, loss of energy and thus can reach economic staggering. 100.000,00 €/year

This figure is well worth an investment of no more than 2% in the total budget to ensure the full operation of the plant.

Solar photovoltaics plants