historiaORTRAT has been a ground-breaking technological company:
1961 Transistorized regulators
1969 CO control in parkings
1972 Microprocessors based control
1979 Microcomputers based control
1982 Design and supply of a semi-automatic refuelling control system for three nuclear plants in Belgium
1984 Design of pluviometers
1990 Communication network ORNET
1993 Remote control equipment (ORNO)
1996 Graphic interface software (GRAPHOS)
1998 SCADA software PLUTO_NT for tunnel control and centralized security surveillance
2002 Modulated ventilation systems with more than 200 variable frequency drives
2005 Automatic incidence detection system in tunnels
2007 Environmental control systems with integrative node for railway tunnels
2008 SCADA ESCENA Solar for PV plants
2011 Ener_Gest software for efficient energy management
ORTRAT’s success as a company with 40 high qualified professionals comes from the global approach of applications based in a deep knowledge of the problems and solutions looking for new technical and software developments.