Graphic monitoring

The GRAPHOS_NT (graphic monitoring under Windows OS using the data server PLUTO_NT) system is a software package designed for a widespread field use. With it you can monitor all types of equipment such as remote devices from the ORNO type, carbon monoxide detectors, opacimeters and others. Additionally to the monitoring of the installation all kind of control actions can be taken.

The graphic interface GRAPHOS_NT sgives access to all controlled systems from the overall application in an intuitive and practical way. Operation is simple and fast learning, as a versatile graphic color representation is used. Using a mouse and a few explanations online, the user does not require specific skills to work with the application.

This product is fully configurable to meet the specific requirements of each installation. Customization can be done by GRAPHOS_NTs team of software configurators that adapt the performance to the individual needs of our customers.

This system is ideal for those applications were a large number of data has to be collected from different sites and different equipment in order to present it in a single graphic interface combining data with audio and video. Different and complex algorithms can be used to control and regulation purposes fulfilling all kind of security and automation tasks. Additionally all data can be stored for further evaluation purposes.


The PLUTO_NT application is focused on data acquisition in different physical layers and protocols. These include different field buses, dial-up telephone lines, RF communications and net topologies. Many different protocols are implemented to allow direct communication to the devices to assure data quality. Also different types of connections between the core application PLUTO_NT and the user interface GRAPHOS_NT is supported.

Both software packages are designed to allow its operation on the same hardware platform under Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems. These software packages offer a very high reliability in providing continuous service 24 hours 7 days week







PLUTO NT-Alarmas



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