Carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide detector KMQ 212 ND


ORTRAT devices are approved by the Spanish Ministry of Science according to UNE 23.300:1984 for carbon monoxide detection.

The main source for carbon monoxide (CO) in urban environments are automobile engines, in big traffic areas they could produce the 60% of the total. Nitrogen dioxide is a threat for health, nitric oxide in atmosphere is not harmful but when it changes to NO2 it can cause respiratory problems.

ORTRAT design ensures a CO/NO2 accurate and steady detection through the years, even in the worst environmental conditions (dust, soot, humidity, etc.).

  • Aspiration sampling: In dirty environments conventional detectors lose accuracy because of filter obstruction.
  • Up to 20 measurement points, 10 relay outputs configurable for up to 4 alarm triggers for each zone
  • Depending on local regulation, sampling points should be located every 200..300m2, so that a detector with 20 intakes could supervise a 6000 m2 parking area with different ventilation zones, located at one or different floors.
  • Long lasting electrochemical sensors, highly accurate and steady, even for lower concentrations than 25 ppm (CO) or 5 ppm (NO2)
  • Easy integration within our remote control and monitoring interface PLUTO_NT, allowing the management of the whole facilities from a desktop industrial computer, using frequency drives for ventilator control, maximizing energy savings.

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