Gas analysis has two main aspects. Regarding the composition before use and as an environmental control to avoid health risks. Both needs specific methods and requirements.


Three components are commonly analysed: Methane (CH4) Oxygen (O2) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), sometimes also Carbon Dioxide (CO2). CH4 and CO2 represent almost the 50% of the total volume.

The main objective for the composition analysis is to improve electrical generation maintaining the optimal values for the engine and at the same time design the best strategy to manage those gases after the process. As biogas converts Air Oxygen into CH4 and H2S the measure of residual Oxygen is interesting to be monitored. The residual Oxygen content is normally below 3% Vol. In adverse conditions the concentrations of H2S reach thousands of ppm, at this level it could cause serious damage inside the engines. Monitoring of this gas is of much importance in order to avoid failures.


  • Up to 5 gas components measures: Selection of the most suitable transmitter from our ExTox product line.
  • Integrated evaluation of at least 3 external measures: In case of air environment control for BHKW or pH measures inside the brew IMC will manage these tasks.
  • Proper, steady and secure operation: All our components satisfy the most exigent requirements under harsh conditions.
  • Ease installation: Wall installation is simple and effective, just need to connect the sampling pipe, plug in and it is done. You can start your measures.
  • Simple maintenance: Wide cabinets make technical servicing faster and secure. Transmitter can be replaced just loosening two screws.
  • Modular construction.
  • Simple wiring with central combiner box.
  • Customizable.
  • Gas flow monitoring preinstalled
  • CH4 and CO2 infrared, long-lasting and accurate measurement.
  • Oxygen measurement device with 5 years long lifespan.
  • H2S reliable measurement even at high concentration, providing security against damages.
  • Configurable measurement cycles.
  • Protection against explosion by flame extinguisher and air control regulation.
  • pH measurement.
  • ProfiBus, 4..20 mA, RS 485 and RS232 interfaces available
  • Matches client specific requirements. Please, ask us!

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